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LimeLife by Alcone will officially be launching on August 5th 2019 (time TBA). While this date is still “tentative” we are confident that our launch is on track.

No. TeamGPS is an independent Australian lead team, this website is not associated or endorsed by LimeLife corporate and is intended to provide information and support to those who are joining our team at launch. We will always encourage you to speak to the Beauty Guide or Future Beauty Guide who introduced you to LimeLife with any questions.  

Our team is currently lead in Australia primarily by Kate Rampal and Kathryn Douglas. We also have several up and coming leaders within TeamGPS who are ready to run at launch! Our USA upline tree includes Erin Shelby (Senior Director, Heather Marques (Senior Director), and Lindsay Colombe (Lead Platinum Director) who are all involved and supportive of TeamGPS.

While we cannot officially become Independent Beauty Guides with LimeLife until August 2019, building a pre-launch business can be an exciting and rewarding experience! You can begin sharing with your network that you are partnering with LimeLife when they launch in Australia, providing product information and advertising the opportunity on social media to find potential customers and team members! Connect with us today and give yourself a head start in your LimeLife career!

If you have already spoken to a current or future Beauty Guide about the LimeLife opportunity please feel free to reach out to them for support and information, we know they’d love to help you! If you haven’t found a BG, or the right team for you, please feel free to connect with TeamGPS here.

We would love to hear from you, support your goals and share our love of the LimeLife product range and opportunity with you.