LimeLife Australia

We are not a direct sales brand that decided to go into beauty. We are first and foremost 60 years of experience in the professional beauty industry – there is a difference.

Michele Mallardi-Gay

ceo & co-founder of limelife by alcone

What is LimeLife by Alcone?

LimeLife by Alcone was founded in 2015 through it’s parent company Alcone. 

For over 65 years Alcone has been providing professional make up artists with the best tools and top quality products in the industry through it’s retail store in New York. 

While searching for a way to reward the loyal artists who were consistently sending customers their way, Alcone surprisingly found it couldn’t go past the Direct Sales model. The more they looked at the DS industry, the more they saw an opportunity to create change and empower a whole new community of women, and so LimeLife was born. 

Designed with the vision to show and pay women their worth, LimeLife has touched the lives of over 30,000 Independent Beauty Guides worldwide. Not to mention the incredible work LimeLife’s foundation, Brighter Together, is doing to foster and empower the entrepreneurial spirit of women in some of the most impoverished societies in the world. 

Heading to Australia in August 2019 LimeLife by Alcone is sure to make a remarkable impact on both the Beauty and Direct Sales industries in our market! This is an opportunity to be involved at the ground floor level of a company that lives true to it’s values and the support of it’s Beauty Guides. Pre-launch is a great time to get involved with LimeLife and give yourself a “headstart” toward a successful and sustainable business! Connect with us today to find out how you can build your own pre-launch LimeLife Australia business and hit the ground running in August!