TeamGPS is a collaborative group of women who work together towards a common vision. This vision is to not only create change and confidence in the lives of each team member, but to empower women across Australia (& the world!) to know, embrace and be paid their worth through the LimeLife by Alcone opportunity. 

Kate & Kat

Co-Founders team gpS

What does GPS mean?

When you think of GPS what comes to mind? Travel, direction, finding your way? Part of our vision is to empower every individual who comes into our community to carve their own path and adventure with LimeLife! It also represents our 3 key values:


To have grace in the way you conduct your business and leadership is to maintain integrity, empathy and compassion through each of your endeavours. 


To be fuelled by passion for not only the LL products you love, but for the lives that can be positively impacted through both your individual business, and the collaborative effort of our team.


To own your strengths, share them, and become

empowered on both a personal and professional level to grow and embrace your individual power and purpose. 


Over 230 individuals have connected with TeamGPS already, with many successful pre-launch teams becoming empowered for LimeLife’s August 2019 launch! Hear what some of our leaders have to say about US in the video below.

If you would like to connect with our team please reach out to the GPS member who introduced you to LL, or alternatively contact Kate Rampal or Kathryn Douglas on FB or through the registration link!